Psychological Evaluation Solutions

Psych Inc offers a dedicated mental health professionals with experience and training in various assessment expertise. At Psych Inc, clients receive a holistic and insightful approach to psychological evaluation. It is not uncommon for individuals to have a complex set of mental, biochemical, physical, motivational, and perspective-based issues which interact with one another. Our clinicians offer interactive assessment and can create feedback reports that are tailored specifically for each client. The following is a brief overview of the many evaluation services offered by Psych Inc.

Disability and Vocational Evaluations

We can evaluation for various disability and vocational purposes including, SSA, VA, Vocational Rehabilitation and more.

Neuropsychological Evaluation

Psych Inc maintains a network of clinicians specially trained in neuropsychological evaluation to assess for neurocognitive/neuropsychological abilities/deficits.

Pre-hire Assessment.

We can help assist with pre-employment selection and help your organization find the best candidates for the job.

Pre-surgical Assessment

We can provide clinicians to staff your pre-surgical psychological assessment needs.